Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P
Mini Camera 1080P

Mini Camera 1080P

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👁See the world through their Eyes👁

(This product has no storage, DV direct recording camera must insert a memory card to save the video file, in order to use) Please order the package to buy!

Discover a big big world your eyes can reach with the intergraded 120 degrees ultra-wide lens. Makes it possible to find the perfect moment afterward. The Exceed human vision with surprising fun

The Mini Camera 1080P is the most affordable mini Camera on the market at this level of audio and video. Place it anywhere and start recording directly from your smartphone through WiFi.

The Camera can record videos endlessly if you plug it to the outlet or a powerbank. The motion-detection feature will allow you to record videos only when something is moving in front of the camera:

You can easily use the X10 camera as a sports cam with the stent (provided), which gives you endless possibilities (Dashcam in your car, bike, or just by clipping it to your bag while traveling)

  • High-quality high-definition images FULL HD 1080P, 720P adjustable
  • Strong magnetic adsorption, put anywhere you want
  • Mode for taking pictures:12MP(4032X3024)
  • Motion detecting video:720P and 1080
  • Support Night Vision
  • Support motion detection

     View Real-time footage from your smartphone Download the app provided and record anything in real-time from anywhere in the world (WiFi Version only)

    ENDLESS RECORDING: Plug the USB Cable (provided) to a powerbank or directly to the outlet and record endlessly.

    1080 HD VIDEO QUALITY: Records high-quality footage in adjustable FULL HD 1080p or 720p 
     NIGHT VISION & MOTION DETECTION: Start recording only when a motion is detected | Works great at night will the integrated night vision  


      • Supported Mobile Systems: iOS, Android
      • Technology: Infrared
      • Storage: SD Memory Card
      • High Definition:1080P(Full-HD)
      • Viewing Angle (Degree):120°
      • Type: IP Camera
      • Connectivity:WiFi 

    Product includes

    • Mini X10 Camera HD
    • User Manual
    • USB Cable to charge and transfer videos to your PC/Laptop


    A. Use occasions: Please strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and do not use this product for any illegal purposes, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.

    B. About the battery: Do not use it for a long time, please fully charge before use, and charge less once a month.

    C. Working temperature: 0 - 45 degrees Celsius, good to use at room temperature.

    D. Working humidity: 20%-80% Do not put the product in a humid working environment.

    E. Photographic illumination: Please use it in a sunny environment. Do not point the camera directly at a strong light source such as the sun to avoid damage to the optics.

    F. Cleaning requirements: Do not use in dusty and conspicuous environments, so as to avoid dust on the lens and other components, affecting the camera effect.

    G. Other matters: This product is a precision electronic product. Do not subject it to strong impact or vibration. Do not use it under strong magnetic or strong electric fields.

    H. Supplementary explanation: Please carefully read the manual and then operate it to avoid entering the wrong zone.